The word green has the same Germanic root as the words for grass and grow. During the middle ages, it was associated with wealth and the gentry class of England. Today, we associate it with nature, spring, and optimism. It is produced in nature as chromium, vanadium, and copper oxides. Green is one of the most common colours in nature because of the chlorophyl in plants.

The colour green can be considered a neutral colour when it is used uniformly in decorating schemes. In the kitchen sage cupboards blend perfectly with creamy white walls and wood tones. It provides a sensible, timeless backdrop to a hard-working room. For a slightly more retro look, mint green cabinets will recall the early 20th century when a sleek, uncluttered look was in vogue.

Formal spaces, such as living rooms, can be accented with dark tones. Olive green is a long-time favourite for bookcases and feature walls. The bold, deep hue can anchor a room that is predominantly white or features an abundance of light earth tones. A green leather chair, velvety throw pillows, or a painted fireplace surround achieve a sophisticated look.

If drama is in order, consider painting a wood slat ceiling in a hue of fresh mown hay. It will balance a high ceiling without competing for attention. Bring more green into the space with accents on the floor and walls to create an oasis of nature in your home.

Small intimate rooms painted a darker shade of green will instantly become private nests and retreats. Moody greens can give spaces a cozy feel without being cold or oppressive. In these arrangements, rustic textiles and woven materials on the floor provide interest.

Green is generally considered a relaxing colour because it’s all around us all the time. It makes the perfect backdrop for a 70s inspired office theme of orange, grape, and pure reds. Choose a cheerful apple green for lively spaces or a mature pea-green for a home office. In workspaces, green will promote creativity and eases eye strain.

If you love green but wall paint isn’t an option, consider painting a few pieces of furniture or choosing green furniture covers. These economical solutions will allow you to experiment without committing to a new paint job. A bookcase from IKEA is transformed with the back panel painted in your favourite shade of green. A patterned skirt for a pedestal sink with matching curtains can liven up a small bathroom. Choose leafy patterns to bring the garden inside during spring and summer months.

Green might be a natural choice depending on the style of your home decor. A country-style home looks great with muted shades. A vintage industrial scheme will show off hues such as British racing green. Painting an attic room? Consider painting the sloped roof and knee walls the same colour for a tranquil, unified space.

Green looks great. It can be fun or serious; it can look rich or modest; it is the star of the show or a supporting element.

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